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Choices For Salt Water Fishing Lures


There are as many if not more choices for salt water fishing lures as there are for fishing for fresh water species. One thing to keep in mind with regards to salt water fishing lures is that typically the species will be larger, especially if you are going for sailfish, Marlins or trophy fish, and therefore the lures will also be larger and durably constructed.

The following are all typical salt water fishing lures that can be used for a variety of species. Remember that each species and even within species there will be preferred lures based on the seasonal feeding variations, water conditions and overall weather conditions on the day that you are fishing. Light and time of day will also impact on the type of salt water fishing lures that will be most effective.

Jigs – just like with fresh water lures jigs for salt water species come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Most jigs for salt water are meant to be fished close to the bottom so will be heavier weighted to resist excessive drift in currents and tides.

Plugs- salt water fishing lures that serve as plugs are key in any tackle box. They can be dark colored or even black for close imitation to the bait fish in the area. Typically plugs are moved erratically through the water to resemble an injured baitfish, and moving up and down through the water as they are shifted from side to side is an effective technique for getting larger fish to strike aggressively.

Tins – these are unique to salt water fishing lures and are a completely highly reflective tin lure. They are designed to look like a rapidly moving baitfish and to both reflect light and move through the water exactly as a rapidly swimming baitfish would appear. A tin lure typically as a few white feathers near the tail that give an authentic movement to the tail of the lure as well as add action to the water around the lure.

Plastic lures – these can be virtually any color and may be double or triple treble hooked. They may be all one piece or may be jointed, depending on the length of the lure and the action desired. The plastic lures may be very realistic in appearance, designed to look like squid or baitfish found along coastal areas, or they may be highly colorful and very dramatic in presentation. They are often used for fishing along bays, coastal inlets and when baitfish are running from shallow to deep water or vice versa.

As with freshwater lures, salt water fishing lures can also be topwater lures, designed to skip along the waters surface to bring the fish up to the top. These lures are best used in calmer waters close to land, and can be ideal for both boat fishing and fishing from a beach.

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